glenn diane and great aunt kellyIt’s Monday morning again, back to the usual rituals, except no, today was not usual.

I get a text from my mom at 5:55 a.m. Two simple words – you awake. I have my phone on DND so I saw it at 6:11 a.m. I just called because one does not receive a text at that hour without knowing there must be a conversation to be had. This is my great Auntie Kelly, one of my Gram’s (the one I spoke of last week) 11 siblings. Yes, I said 11. She joined her sister in her heavenly home this morning at about 12:30 a.m. This photo is of her on her 93rd birthday, she’s 95. She’s been ready to head home for quite some time and she departed her body just the way she wanted to, at home, peacefully, with my Dad (her nephew) and my brother by her side.

The photo to the left, that is me with Glenn, circa 1990.  I had received this gem via text from his sister Kellie.  Glenn (my fiancé) was in a fatal car accident November 2, 1992. I was planning his funeral on his 25th birthday. Life is utterly unpredictable and yet totally predictable at the same time.  At 25, Glenn’s life was “too short.”  At 95, Aunt Kelly lived a “good life.”  Interesting how we view the length of time in years, when really all we have is TODAY.

We know this, yet we forget until we are reminded when we lose someone.  We know this, yet we procrastinate until tomorrow – to make the call, to take the ride, to leave the job we are miserable in, to stay in a relationship that isn’t good for us, to argue over something that seriously isn’t that important.

Yesterday is gone, tomorrow isn’t promised, all we have is the gift of today, that is why it’s called the PRESENT.

TODAY matters… so what will YOU do with it?

Big love & hugs,


P.S. More to come soon. Go make the call, give the hug and celebrate your TODAY.

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