The Director, The Concluder and The Encourager…

The mere thought of actually taking a bite of one of those peeps grosses me out – the gritty sugar crunch as you bite into the soft marshmallow…soft if it’s a “fresh” peep, could be rock hard if it was last year’s stock recycled… EWWWWW.  Now I’ve either got you grossed out like me or yelling at the screen “noooooo, peeps are my fave!”  (I love you anyway even if you don’t share my opinion on peeps.)

No, I’m talking about the three fine-looking peeps right here:

The Concluder will LOVE that I said fine-looking and agree that they are indeed fine-looking.  The Encourager will laugh and toss back that they may just be the finer looking one or compliment The Director…

Diane, WTF (what the FLYING MONKEYS… ha ha I know where you went) are you talking about with these titles?

Welcome to the blends of DISCovering your behavioral/communication style.  I was introduced to DISC (damn, I feel aged like fine wine as I type this number) 20 years ago.  I was put through a pilot manager training program working at First Data, where I held my first of many leadership positions throughout my career.  DISC was a game changer for me, it was eye-opening to see how I could be perceived as blunt, critical and have a condescending attitude. It was like being punched in the gut, because I didn’t realize how my Dominant/Driven directness could be off-putting to a Stable/Steady person on my team.

DISC way back then, is what sparked my desire to learn more about how people ticked.  Yes, I’ve taken every one of the profiles out there – StrengthsFinder, Myers-Briggs, Colors, Animals, Enneagram.  My wiring is the same every single time!  I can even translate for you what each of those will equate to on your DISC profile.  I like DISC the best because it’s simple.

So play with me on this… reply back to me with your who you think is what title.  I’ll reveal the answers to you next week!

Big love & hugs to you,


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