beach ball in poolNot the ball reference you were expecting, was it?  For many, it’s typically popcorn, peanuts and Cracker Jack rooting for the home team.  I spent most of my summers growing up on a ball field playing softball.  Then spent another ten years watching my daughters do the same.  There was definitely not enough of this kind of ball in our summers.

This summer has really been like no other most of us have known.  Frankly we all know that 2020 has definitely not been what we expected.  We are in this weird space of “new normal” (remember normal is an agreed upon PERCEPTION).  If we were all walking around with a mask on our face pre-Covid we would NOT be considered NORMAL. We would be considered peculiar, possibly unstable, immunocompromised, confused that today was Halloween or a thief!  Perception quickly changes when we understand the context of what we think we are seeing, doesn’t it?

Can we agree we see a beach ball?  Can we also agree that it is multi-colored? Good.   From the above angle, you can see that there are multiple sides to it and they look different, with some that are the same.  Now if I took that same ball and rotated it just slightly so the stripes were vertical (up and down)  and asked you what color it was, you might tell me – white, while I would tell you – red.  We would BOTH BE RIGHT.  We both also would disagree.  Why?  Because all I can see is the red and all you can see is the white.  Now, when I turn it so you can see it like you can in this picture, we BOTH see that we were BOTH right, we just couldn’t see the other person’s point of view.

Does this all sound familiar right now?  Mask, no mask.  Open, reopen.  Oppression, liberation.  Right, left.  School, distance learning.  Black, White.  It’s really quite exhausting to argue our point of view when we aren’t understanding the other point of view.  The lack of understanding or trying to see it from “my side of the beach ball” is what keeps the division growing into an even greater divide.  UNLESS, we try to see “your side of the beach ball.”  It is my favorite tool to use when I’m working with groups and teams to improve their communication, connection and collaboration using DISC.  They go from unaware, I only see my side of the ball, to becoming curious and learning about the other person’s side of the ball.  Suddenly the entire world looks a bit different, doesn’t it?

I’ll be sharing more about DISC and how knowing my personal communication style changed my leadership style, my self awareness and helped me to become a compassionate reader of people.  I’ve got to get this off to Kathleen, I’m late on my deadline!

Wonder what inspired me this week?  Sitting still for a change and just chilling out (something that is still a work in progress for me – being still).  Check out my inspiration here.

Have a fantastic week and find some time to play!

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