grams weather notebookWe can all agree that we have fatigue… COVID fatigue, zoom fatigue, mask fatigue. We all are desiring “normal.”  We are all operating at some level of fatigue – mental, emotional, physical, financial.

We are living at this chronic level of stress, some higher than others… we are also in this state of grief – you just aren’t always aware of it. Grief is tricky; it comes in waves.  Somedays you reflect and smile. Other days something creeps up and bites you in the butt.  I had a bit of both this week.

This picture was a “bite me in the butt” moment, with tears erupting unexpectedly.  My Gram was a farm girl, she faithfully tracked the weather everyday.  All of us grandkids had the opportunity to go the rain gauge with her to check how much rain had fallen and then proceed to watch her record the stats on the calendar, or in this case, her notebook.

May 15, 2013, just like every morning, she did her usual, checked the temperature and recorded it.  That morning she was headed to start another round of chemotherapy because the mouth cancer that had been in remission was back.  She didn’t come home that day; however, she did go to her eternal home.

I was working with my coach Bryna yesterday. I was in this space of stuck, judging, and overall annoyed with myself because I was having a hard time getting started on a couple of deliverables I had for myself.  Like every good coach, she starts asking questions…and boom there it was… the same old behavior patterns mixed with dealing with my grandparents home as the executor of the estate.  You see, as much as I am a disruptor of status quo, the other part of me is deeply rooted in the stability and security of my family.  Their home represents the focal point of that for me and my cousins, aka The Fab 5.

69% of the world is “S” wired – Stable, Steady, Secure and fear the loss of stability…

With this in mind, be kind, be gracious and have patience first with yourself, and then with others.

I’m in the midst of shift in so many ways. I’m getting ready to launch something shortly that I believe will help you become more aware and spark greater connections for you.

Big love & hugs,


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