For the next 5 days I’ll be “in the room.”   “Normally” I’m in Orlando right now at the Marriott World Center.  I’ve already checked in, and I’m in the lobby hugging it out with friends from all over the globe.  Alas… this is what that looks like:

It’s exciting to see their faces but it TOTALLY SUCKS I’m not hugging necks, sitting poolside or in a nook in the hallway playing catch up on family, business and growth. Masterminding on the nuggets that Mark and John dropped on us from the Think Tank Session… like “Enjoy the detour tour.” – John C Maxwell

I’ll drop the nuggets with you instead… watch my page Diane M Caine and be sure you are in the Power Your Spark Community to catch what I share!

You won’t see a newsletter next week, so be sure we are connected in the social space.

Big love & Hugs to you,


By the way… So many of my friends have lost loved ones in the month of August, me included… Will you do me a favor?  Slow down, write the note, make the call, hold the hand, give the hug, express your appreciation… show the LOVE.

P.S. Will be sharing more about Live2Lead over the coming weeks. Want to reserve your spot today? Register here: