COVID coaster is a real thing… from the ups of “whoo hoo, I’ve gained so much time, I don’t have to commute, I don’t have to leave the house, I am EFFICIENT!” to “I can’t STAND another minute behind a screen or these 4 walls. My sanctuary is beginning to feel like prison.”

I discovered I’m so VERY homesick right now.  I’ve normally been with my John Maxwell Team family once already and am gearing up to go back to Orlando this month. NOT HAPPENING.  However, we ARE able to be together virtually because as the largest leadership development company in the world, we are able to #Leadershift and find a way.  While I’m excited to be together virtually, and refilling my cup, I am discovering how people-oriented I am. Might seem obvious by the work I do – coaching, training, human behavior consultant, a career in developing and leading others focused in customer service – DUUUUUHHHHHHHH Diane.

I AM feeling a bit sad and depressed.  Depressed, eeeewwwww.  The good news is now that I have made the acknowledgement of my current, temporary emotional state, I can pull out the tools in my toolbox to take care of myself.   I’m also understanding my behavioral style more and more as we move through this pandemic.  The more self-aware I am, the more I can adapt, influence and have compassion for those who are also under stress right now – the whole world!

I’ve also had the realization that what I have learned, lived and trained others on over and over again still needs to be LET out into the world.  My brother from another mother (that’s Dave & Elizabeth comparing arm length) called me a hoarder a couple of years ago.  I was pissed at him; however, he was right because I was letting fear (another part that drives our behaviors) rule me instead of my passion driving me. He was on a Facebook live yesterday and was reminding me of this.  I would normally see him soon, hug his neck and then we’d proceed to mastermind on how we can help people keep Unleashing The Awesome.  He would also give a good swift kick in the arse (with love of course) calling me on my B.S. (belief systems or you know, bull s…).

So… I’ll be doing a bit of self-care, LETTING more of you in on what I know in a couple of ways – see below how I’m doing this – and going to get off my arse because I have been glued to the chair since 7:00 am doing Zoom meetings and I need to get some water and stretch. (Hint: to stay hydrated you must drink ½ your body weight in water each day – 100 lb. = 50 oz of water)

Big love & hugs, this too shall pass – NOW would be good


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