Power your spark.

There’s a defining moment in your life
when a spark ignites. We fan that spark
into a flame to create a community of
leaders who become the change they
seek in the world.

DISC Personality Profile

Know yourself. What if you could tap into
your greatest motivations and dramatically
improve your relationships and accelerate
your results?

Individual Coaching

Coaching is fundamental to success as a
leader, employer, director, or manager. Find the coaching program that fits your needs.

Professional Development and Leadership Training

Improve your professional skills as a leader,
speaker, or coach, so you can reach your
career goals.

“Diane is an inspirational cheerleader for anyone who is in business. Her love for life and people make her an excellent business partner and collaborator. If you need encouragement, expert advice, leadership training or honest appraisal, Diane will come through for you.”

Dale Wagstaff

Refining Minds, Inc.